Thursday, July 13, 2006

La Pena Gallery Austin

Here are some photos of my show, Las Mujeres, La Pena Gallery, Austin Tx. Gracias to Cynthia and everyone at LP for the one woman show! I had a great time and it was wonderful to see familia and friends. Gracias to all who attended the show and especially to those who purchased work.

Click on an image for a closer look, then for an even closer click on the right corner of the image with the green arrows.
All photos and artwork may not be reproduced without the artists permission. copyright 2006


Morning brings another day of nurturing others and creating a community.
copyright 2006 sabrina zarco

Suenos and La Tierra

Suenos: Dreams of ancestors

La Tierra: I celebrate the women who work, live on, and honor the land, the hermanas who are the caretakers of the earth. copyright 2006 sabrina zarco

Girls Night Out and Mariposas

Girls Night Out: Chicanas seeking Chicanas in a hate free zone.

Mariposas: the comadres that bring us music, creativity, and laughter.

copyright 2006 sabrina zarco

Harvesting Poison and Other People's Clothes

Harvesting Poison: Many women are sprayed with pesticides while trying to put food on the table.

Other People's Clothes: This work reflects the routine work of working in sweat shops.

copyright 2006 sabrina zarco

Frida and La Catrina

La Catrina: traditional dia de los muertos image. copyright 2006 sabrina zarco

Guadalupe and HERS:Women Warriors

Guadalupe: Computer generated imaging

HERS: This work honors women warriors past and present. It is created on a pillowcase with the word "hers" on it. I like to use found fabrics and repurpose them.

copyright 2006 sabrina zarco

La Loba

Dancing with the bones in the desert, finding new wisdom from ancestors and the power to create her destiny.
copyright 2006 sabrina zarco


In this work I used the image of the family crossing found on highway signs in some states. The city, barbed wire, and skull beads remind us that this journey is one of hope and dreams but may not be realized.
copyright 2006 Sabrina Zarco