Friday, December 14, 2007

In Guad We Trust

December 12 Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day

Mexicans and those of Mexican ancestry everywhere celebrated La Virgen Morena or La Virgen de Guadalupe, aka Tonatzin, Mother of all Gods, who appeared before an indigenous man the Spanish named Juan Diego on the Cerro de Tepeyac one December day in 1531. Her image was forever imprinted on the cloth tilma he was wearing as proof of her visit.

Tepeyac Garden

Tilma image

Whether or not you're a believer, one thing is clear the weight of Guadalupe in Mexican culture. She is omnipresent not only in the spiritual sense but in the concrete sense. Her image graces nearly every home altar, taqueria, and tienda; anywhere her people are, you will find Guadalupe. She is seen as the leader of the oppressed and hope where there is none. Children dress in traditional clothing and reenact the scene and many artists celebrate her in their work.

Circuit Board Art Marion Martinez

Guadalupe series Yolanda Lopez

Home garden altar

Guad Art Car


  1. Susie Monday3:45 PM

    Thanks for listing me as an inspiration! (a great word don't you think, with the same root meaning as respiration!)
    I had a Guadalupe altar in my hall niche this year and finished two new Guadalupe altar pieces this past week for friends.

  2. Hola from México,
    Love your site, and it's nice to see Marion Martinez' work again. She showed at my gallery, Guadalupe Fine Art, when I lived in Santa Fe. The Guad car is fabulous too.
    I am the originator of the In Guad We Trust bumper stickers, and would love to send you one.... un regalito! May I?

  3. Hola Lena,
    What an honor to meet the originator of the phrase! Please send me your email and I will send my address. I love Santa Fe, I had some shows there at 13 Moons Gallery years ago.

  4. Sabrina,
    I don't know that I originated the phrase, I just made the first bumper stickers.... my email address is and my website is where you can see more great Guad images and order bumper stickers.
    Don't forget to send me your address, ok?
    In Guad,