Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Gloria My Shero!

Gloria Anzaldua helped make visible the literature of women of color. She was a chicana lesbian-feminist, poet, writer and cultural theorist.
Tejana, lesbiana, creative spirit, and dear friend of my beloved. My beloved works on her book and thinks of you often. We remember you, honor you, and celebrate you and the gifts you have left for us.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sometimes its just fun to play

I facilitated a nonprofit meeting where members wanted to get to know one another a bit more. I suggested we make a collage of whatever was on hand. So lots of magazines, glue, tape, music, and laughter later each person came up with a glimpse of who they are in relationship to the activist organization and with one another. Then we made some just for fun showing, "the other side of who we are" Several of us knew each other well so we had fun playing with one another. We "helped" each other by adding some words and images, and they had fun with mine. Magazine clippings all taped together since we ran out of glue. I love the surrender to the process with no sense or right or wrong, it just is ...dont forget to play!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Artists and Donations

I rarely donate work to organizations for auction or sale. I have to be able to get behind what the group is actually doing for the community. As a community activist I am well aware that there are many groups that need financial support. I donate time and artwork as I can but as an artist the requests can sometimes be overwhelming. It can sometimes feel like I am expected to be the fast food of artwork and a quick buck for a cause, I dont mind donating but every now and then I need a donation of my own. So I have become selective about who and how many works. No longer first come first serve and I am learning to say "no, not this time" instead of "no problem".

Then there are the groups that quietly need the support and dont ask. I happened to be in a meeting when someone mentioned the 15th Anniversary of the Arkansas Supportive Housing Network and their fundraiser party and silent auction. Now this is a group I can get behind. They have provided rental assistance and services to individuals and families who are homeless and/or disabled, for 15 years. I know a few people who are a part of the Homeless Coalition and they are working hard for real change and in a way that respects those involved.

So this artwork will be a donation for their silent auction. Frida was a powerful artist, activist and woman with a disability. I hope it brings in some dollars for a good group. For more information about the group check out www.ashn.org.