Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mandy Carter and Bayard Rustin

Sometimes when you create the ripple effects are beyond what you can ever dream. I am blessed and honored to say that the Bayard Rustin work is now in the collection of Mandy Carter. 

Once the work was complete I shared it online and received a great response. I created it for a social justice exhibit in Little Rock. My long time friend Pam Mc Michael of the Highlander Center said she had to have the work as a gift for Mandy Carter another long time friend. You see Mandy has worked tirelessly for many years on educating the community about the amazing work and life of Bayard Rustin. I was thrilled at the idea. I was even more thrilled to hear that Pam offered the idea to a group of community members who know Mandy. They all wanted to be a part of the gift and as a community purchased the work. As an artist that makes my living on exhibiting and selling work this to me was the most beautiful way to honor and celebrate a fellow activist. A community gift to honor a community leader. It is so powerful when we stand in solidarity to do the work and even more important when we stand with one another to celebrate!

I look forward to Mandy's visit to my home this summer as she takes a long overdue step back from work and just share in community. May you remember to take time to celebrate with your community the work that you do to make it a better place for all.