Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sunflower Summer Love

Summer on the ridge has been a wonderful experience. This is a photo of the sunflowers that showed up last summer. I was excited to have them pop up on one of the paths alongside the house. There were three large plants that bloomed all summer.

This year the same spot is overflowing! Must be the monsoon rains that started early and have been visiting our spot on the ridge quite often this summer. So many plants and blooms I can't count. I transplanted some near the front of the house and still they are popping up all over this path. 

I first thought the hundreds of tiny green plants coming up might be weeds or something with icky thorns. I was concerned about how covered this path among the rock outcroppings would be and the hassle of having to create a new safe path on level ground to pass this side of the house. I thought maybe I would just clear them before they grew taller than I am, yes all 4 ft 11 inches of me, but something in the wild breeze said be still and wait. 

Often in life I am in a rush to get on with things and when something appears to be a potential obstacle I want to solve it as soon as possible. This lesson from ridge life has taught me to be still and trust the process. I am learning to slow down and to appreciate each stage of the process vs. rushing to the end. 

Quincy loves running this path and a few hundred sunflowers only made it more fun.

After a lots of running through the flowers it was time to head up to the deck for a cool drink and enjoy the flowers from the deck view.

May the rest of your summer be filled with bright moments of sunshine. Take a moment to stop and run through the flowers when the opportunity arises. And remember to be thankful for the small things that show up in life and no matter how challenging…trust the process.