Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sharing the entire story

Well its almost that time of year again, dia de los muertos or day of the dead one of my favorites! I get to share with local schools and communities about the traditional and contemporary ways we honor those who have crossed over. Its a visual storytelling, a way to share not only personal stories but history we don't often hear or see in books. Its a way to remember with sweetness the memories by using favorite foods, personal items, books, and traditional symbols to represent them and the work they did. Its a way to shed light on and appreciate the challenges, celebrate the successes, and share about the unsung heroes and sheroes of the community. Mas later, I am off to gather my goodies for an upcoming presentation.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Environment and Blog Action Day

Arkansas autumn.. stop and take a minute to remember that we are all apart of nature. We sometimes get lost in the thougth that we are spearate from nature or even superior. It only takes a moment to savor the view and realize that we are just a part of a much bigger picture.

Harvesting Poison reminds us that as we disrespect nature in the name of profit we not only damage the environment for the generations that follow but all who are a part of it today.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day is an internationally observed civil awareness day for coming out and having discussions about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, queer and questioning GLBTQ (GLTBQ)issues. It is observed on October 11 by members of the community and their allies because October is LGBTQ History Month in the US. Knowing history of heros and sheros in any civil rights movement gives a place to connect, to stand in solidarity.

Its important for members of any community to be recognized for all of who they are and to be treated with respect. Don't let fear that someone might believe different from you get in the way of getting to know someone, you just might find a treasure.There are many LGBTQ people who feel they have to watch pronouns in conversations and don't feel comfortable discussing what happened over the weekend, something many people take for granted. Fear of rejection, and as history has shown danger, and death can be a real reaction to telling the truth. Its a difficult and personal decision one makes. Many of us have lost family, friends, jobs, housing, health care, and so on just for sharing all of who we are and who we share our life with... If you have come out today, congrats and welcome to a life of being all of who you are where ever you are... for those of us celebrating....hold hands with your loved one and know that your relationships are valued no matter what others may try to tell you. Love is solidarity

Monday, October 01, 2007

entourage and my creative process

I started this work with a different focus. The woman image was intended to be the center of another work with an entirely different message. During the process "she" kept telling me there were actually two works not one. So I followed the process and the images as they appeared to me. They changed as I worked. It lead me to this, my entourage. I've been having visions of some of my entourage lately, the ancestors and family members on the other side that help guide my path. As Dia de los Muertos approaches I spend more time being aware of the energy of those that came before me and reflecting on the lessons learned and what I will pass on. I am now working on the other piece and being open to hear the work. Letting spirit, intuition and the creative dance lead me. It has taken me many years as an artist to trust the process and simply get out of the way so that the work will come through me. Its usually surprising to me as I step back to see what might fall from my hands.