Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Self care and inspirational sacred spaces

Some days you just need to get away from it all and get centered. I have a spot in each state that I have lived in that brings me back to center. Now home is New Mexico and the place is el Santuario de Chimayo. For years I vacationed in New Mexico and always this place was on the list to visit. I am now so honored to live just a short drive from this sacred northern mountain sanctuary. 

There is a creek that guides you to the scared space making the sensory experience complete with the sound of water as it dances over the rocks. This place has grown over the years yet it still maintains a simple spiritual energy. For me its not about the type of religious space but more about a place of authentic spiritual centering filled with love and hope by most who visit.

The flowers were blooming this trip and provided a softness around the adobe buildings, stone sculptures and rock niches that adorn the grounds. 

The one time trailer makeshift kitchen has become a quaint building offering indoor and outdoor seating. The fresh mountain air mingles with the smell of tamales, green chile corn and other native New Mexico favorites. As we savored the historical recipes and nourished the body we reflected on the how this place does feed the soul and is good medicine in many ways.

There is a long history attached to this place and I can't tell you when I first became drawn to it. I just know I have left burdens, prayers, petitions, and given thanks on the grounds over the years. For me most of New Mexico holds a strong energy. A positive feast for the spirit. Its like a homecoming, a calling to be here. If you want to see more about Chimayo and the sacred space you can visit the website here http://www.elsantuariodechimayo.us

 Many visit from near and far to leave a prayer or petition for healing and light a candle. I left a request for healing and direction one year and it has been answered. I often bring or create a milagro of sorts to give thanks as many do each time I visit. 

The visual representation of commitment, thanks giving, requests for healing, and remembrance of those that have gone before us are evident in many ways on the grounds. These mementos adorn the trees, rocks, nichos, and fences on the land. They add to the positive energy and overwhelming feeling of love you experience in this space. 

A beautiful mosaic of St. Francis lover of animals and nature blesses my beloved Quincy. St. Francis and his poetry, love of nature, and how we are interconnected speaks strongly to my spirit. 

Over the years the rock structures seem to have organically grown from the ground. There are many spaces to honor loved ones and offer petitions and prayers along the land represented by many images and different languages.

We give and push each day to reach goals and some days end up feeling somewhat empty. Remember to recharge your spirit, breathe in and out, and stop to just listen and feel the energy around you. This beloved will fill you up mind, body, and soul so that you can get up and go again. Take a moment to be present if not every day then find a place and plan the visit to your soul often.  Self care is the most important care you can do.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Website, book cover, and a new community oh my!

Finally the website is live and I am adding new work often. Please take a minute to check it out and share with others. I also welcome any suggestions or ideas of what to add.

 It is beloved community that make things move forward. This adventure continues and I am honored by those who have crossed my path. I am happy to announce that my artwork on Bayard Rustin (pictured below) will be the cover of a new book by Dr. Nicole Hirschfelder in Germany. Published by Universitaetsverlad Winter Heidelberg and will be available in hardcover and ebook this winter. Thank you Nicole for selecting my work now in the collection of Mandy Carter. We look forward to seeing the publication soon.

I am also feeling thankful for finding the most amazing, eclectic, creative, intelligent, diverse, interesting, and fun women in New Mexico. I have been welcomed into their community and I am thankful to begin this new journey with all of you. I look forward to sharing and learning as we exchange experiences and creative energy. 

Having a community is so important, and one that accepts all of who you are is even more essential for the spirit. I spend a lot of time alone and in studio and I am thankful for that time.  However community feeds the spirit in ways nothing else can do. Seek out community that accepts and respects you, all of you. Its good medicine.