Monday, October 27, 2008

Journal Quilt Elements :Viento Agua Tierra Fuego

"Viento Agua Tierra Fuego, Venido a mi lado, Wind Water Land Fire, Come to my side"

Wind water land and fire are sacred elements of my spirituality as an indigenous woman. They remind us of the four cardinal directions and the stages of life. Just as the number 4 the elements are an essential part of spirituality, prophecy, story telling and music.

The words "viento agua tirera fuego, vendio a mi lado call the wind, water, land and fire come to our side" are a call to the elements during a drum ceremony song. This work displays the spirit of the elements with leather strips that overlay each element in the traditional symbol going in a cycle or clockwise motion.The work celebrates the people of the drum circle as we invite forgiveness, healing, love and peace into our daily lives.

This artwork is currently on display at the International Quilt Festival in Houston and will travel with the show. I am thankful for the opportunity to share a part of my culture.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

take time for playtime..its healing

Tooth fairy pillow for Amya
Things have been really busy creating new work and adapting training sessions with the day job. I am blessed with this job which allows me to be creative and culturally connected in my work as a community educator. Things are also busy and happening in the community lots of conferences, state and national election buzz, and a new unexpected but much prayed for change in my life. So there has not been much time for creating with fabric. I did make time to create a small pocket pillow for my Beloved's granddaughter who lost her first tooth. And the only other fabric play I have had was to make a baby quilt for Senon, new grandson of one of my beloveds. Its not my usual gig with fabric but sometimes just to touch some fabric and play in a small way can be a great stress reliever and healing. I have to remember to feed the Spirit with some playtime to keep in harmony with myself. I wish you lots of playtime and harmony! mas later...s

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Project Runway and common threads

Korto Momolu and S at the AR Art Center Delta Exhibit

It was a great conversation about sewing machines, fabric, culture, and creativity! I had the pleasure of meeting Korto at the AR Art Center in Little Rock where we both live. I had to stop and compliment on her on the fabulous animal horn handle raw skin bag she was carrying. She was really down to earth and we spoke for some time about Bravo TVs Project Runway but mostly about creating . We discussed how it is essential for us to exhibit parts of our ethnic heritage in the work we create. I look forward to crossing paths and again and sharing some thread time. For more on PR