Thursday, March 27, 2008

new year medicine

Today is my new year, my birthday and with it comes new beginnings and new responsibilities. The medicine and Spiritual paths I follow brought me signs and lessons to follow. Last year I received a gift of red tail hawk medicine and this year it is time to use what I have been given. As a healer I have responsibilities to see the bigger picture and to deliver the messages that pass through me. To share and learn from others and most of all to listen and see. Not to see from my eyes but from the bigger picture. The knowledge of the Creator,ancestors, animal totems and Spirit guides help to me on this path. I am thankful for this time in my life and I pray that I will continue on this Good Red Road in a way that honors those that came before me, celebrate those that cross my path and walk with me, and those who will follow. Tlazocamati

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Esperanza part of Art Quilt Cultures Exhibit

April 25 - June 25, 2008 The Professional Art Quilt Alliance-South with the Page Walker Arts & History Center, Cary, North Carolina announced juried selections for the exhibit and I am pleased to say that Esperanza was selected.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Maria's gift

This is a gift for the Garcia family for their new home. My dear comadre Maria has been a true sister to me since I moved here. Her family as opened their home and hearts to me and have shown me much love. I consider her a gift in my life both professionally and personally. When she asked that I create a Guadalupe piece for her home I was pleased to do so. The images are dear to her and tell a story of family, perseverance, strength, and love. I am honored that her four beautiful daughters call me tia Sabrina; they are the angels in this work. Paz y amor con mucho carino.

Friday, March 07, 2008

March snow and woodpecker medicine

My backyard is quickly becoming a winter wonderland. Funny how the snow changes everything. Just when the daffodils are beginning to bloom we get snow twice in one week.

The woodpecker is known as the Earths drummer. Drumming is the heartbeat of mother earth and is associated with shamanism and the ability to move into other dimensions at will. The woodpecker represents self discovery; as they peck into and through trees and dead wood, hidden layers of ones psyche are revealed. The woodpecker is able to find food hidden under layers of bark and wood and teaches us to dig deeply to find truth and deceptions. Woodpecker energy is associated with prophecy and the ability to see deeper than surface lies.

Woodpecker speaks of not being hard-headed because they are able to use their beak to peck at trees. Woodpecker is telling us that even if something seems difficult to do, not to give up. To do what works, even if it is unconventional. To set your own pace, your own rhythm.
Back into the studio to dig deep and see what I uncover.

Ancestor tribute sat on the railing to visit for a bit then...

...back to the earth

Saturday, March 01, 2008

cleansing, creating and reflection

Lesbianas estan donde queria c/s

I've been in the studio getting ready for a show in April and trying to finish several works that have been waiting for my attention. Feeling like I am ready for spring and the end of another personal year. I am preparing myself.

As my new year or birthday approaches I take time to center myself, cleanse my physical, emotional, and spiritual space in preparation for a new start. I like to review lessons learned, lessons in process and re examine where I am in relation to my work and with others. I do not separate myself from my work. It is all interconnected. I see my work as a mirror, personal journal, healing place, and voice, reflecting my adventures with myself and others. Mas later as I continue the process this month.