Saturday, December 27, 2008


Official Obama Pride Rainbow symbol

I've been spending time working on an Obama quilt for a special exhibit, details to follow with pics of the work later. I have been ill physically which to me is a signal that my Spirit needs some healing also. I have been dealing with things of the heart lately, missing loved ones more than ever and trying to put some chaos in my life back in order. Crying is healing so I have been doing a bit of that also. I think I read somewhere that tears release some chemical that has no other way of leaving your body so I guess if that's true then consider me cleansed!

This morning we went to the mountain, which I consider a healing place in itself, a kind of church if you will. Anyway it was a bit cool, fierce winds and a slight mist was falling, very magical. The dog noticed some deer so we got to watch a doe and her fawn cross our path at some distance. We were all silent as they moved up the moss covered rocks through the trees, it was beautiful. Deer medicine tells us to accept those as they are with love and peace in our hearts.

We made it back home just before the heavy down pour and then my down pour of tears started again. Just at that moment I looked out the window at the yellow sky and suddenly there was a rainbow. A beautiful rainbow and then another. They both intensified in color and then would fade. It made me think about all the meanings of rainbows: covenant, prosperity, hope, the healing number of 7 (7 colors meaning listed below), the hem of the Sun Gods coat, the souls of wildflowers from the forest, heaven, harmony, magik, faith, and healing.

I took some pictures to share and to remind me that even when I don't see them, there are rainbows in life filled with magic waiting for us to pass through. I pray that you will find healing, magic, hope and promise in your day. I wish you rainbows.

Meaning of colors of the rainbow (one version)

V-Violet: Violet is a combination of the colors red and blue. This is the highest and the subtlest specialization of light. This is because it is at the opposite end of the red color. This color is viewed as the completion as well as the beginning of the energy vibration. Different shades of violet have varied meanings. A deep purple symbolizes high spiritual attainment and a pale shade symbolizes love for humanity. The shade violet brings about a stabilizing factor to the frenzied shades of red.
I-Indigo: The color indigo means infinity. It also symbolizes wisdom and self-mastery. The indigo color is known to be the bridge between the finite and the infinite.
B-Blue: Blue is known as the color of divinity. This is the color of the open skies and the oceans. Using the color blue in our daily lives is said to bring about a peace and understanding. This color also helps to soothe and relax.
G-Green: The color green is formed with the merging of yellow and blue. Therefore, this is located in the center of the spectrum. The color green, symbolizes harmony, balance, growth and good health.
Y-Yellow: The color yellow is vibrant in itself being close to the color of the sun. This is known to be full of energy. Yellow also means something bright and happy and the usage of this color is know to bring about a proper clarity of thought in a persons mind and also improve the decision making skills.
O-Orange: The color, orange is a combination of red and yellow. This is not as fiery as red and but symbolizes a lot of energy and wisdom as well. Although dynamic, the color orange is more thoughtful and controlled. This color can increase the creativity of the person and bring about equilibrium in life.
R-Red: This is the color of energy and enthusiasm. This is also the color with the longest wavelength. Red symbolizes passion, energy, vibrancy and success.