Friday, February 27, 2009

and she carried her dreams with her...

And she carried her dreams with her...

This work represents the death, the loss of combined dreams, a change in the journey. In the center is a bit of blue sky. Even through the death she holds on to the dreams and the hope.

Dreams, memories from other lives, goals, visions for your life ebb and flow on this journey ever present like the sea reaching always for the shore. They surge and grow as we move through this earth school and cross paths with others. Sometimes we find hope as another crosses our path and we begin to create our own tidal wave of dreams that include them. We want them to walk with us to share the joys, discover new paths, and ease the storms of life. We want to hold their hand and make the combined dreams come true. But that doesn't always happen.

Why does it seem the ones we feel most connected to, the ones we can really dance the same dance with because they hear the same drummer, are the ones that leave early. The intellect knows that life holds only more challenges; and intersections of life paths mean change. No matter the reason, and even if the leaving isn't intentional or planned, the pain is still real. We have to walk our path and sometimes it means leaving others or being left at the fork in the road. But our hearts tells a different story; our hearts want to hold on with hope and keep swimming in the rivers of laughter but sometimes the rivers are created by tears and the laughter is only an echo. Through the tears, heartache, and pain we have to remember that we were blessed to share love and dreams with one another even if for only one brief shining moment.

Then the time comes to accept that there is a change with the tide. You have to reformat the dreams if they can be found through the tears and try to heal and find the courage to keep moving on; hoping that you don't drown in the process.

Yemaya reminds us to breathe and I hear the comforting but difficult words of Yoruba priestess Iyanla Van Zandt: Always remember, no matter what is going on in your life, it is your responsibility to choose how you respond. Feel the pain. Honor the shock. Look for the lesson. Keep moving in a way that honors who you really are. You are a Spirit in a body having a temporary human experience. Experiences may knock you down, but it is your responsibility not to let them keep you down.