Friday, October 23, 2009


My Beloved took me for a drive and a picnic in
the Great Smokey Mountains.
It brought nourishment to more than our bodies.

We walked through an open field that called us with unspoken words.

We moved with intention but no plan;
just wanting to be open to the experience.
We were surrounded by color, texture, sights, sounds, smells
and beautiful energy.

It was a reminder that we are all part of nature,

we always have been and always will be.

Like the colorful leaves that danced from the trees,
the evening wind in my hair, and all the other
animals we celebrated on our walk
we are but a small part of the circle.

Wherever you are there is the beauty of nature
waiting to welcome you back home

Seek it out and take a moment to reconnect

and discover the beauty
that lies within the circle
and within the Spirit that is you.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

good vibrations

second visit : another gopher right outside the front door of the cabin

this was the first one near the cabin under a tree

I have been ill lately with an inner ear imbalance and doing all kinds of treatments. The time my body has demanded attention has brought me to deal with my emotional and Spirit challenges of late. You know those things you put off until your body halts you and says now deal with it. So as I am immobile after treatments I explore the vibrational messages and healings. I have been “going underground” and seeking the rest and healing both physical and Spiritual and as always open to the animal messages that appear before me. If you pay attention, study the animal that surfaces, the messages are revealed. I happened upon a gopher yesterday and he had some things to share with me. I tell it to you as it has been told to me.

Gopher are said to be the keeper of the secrets of life, knowing what lies beneath the surface of any situation - the deeper truth. They have poor eyesight so they rely heavily on the vibrational messages. Gopher medicine tells us to go with our feelings, seek deeper truths, and move through the paths.

Gopher moves swiftly forwards and backwards, they tell us to move or as my Grandfather used to say; do something, even if it’s wrong. Gopher reminds us to be aware of our action or lack of action. They tell us to be in tune with our vibrational messages and to take responsibility for our growth or lack thereof.

I am sometimes over stimulated with the messages surrounding me and as an empath I am already tuned in to those kinds of things so this shouldn't’t have been such a surprise. (Note to self: don’t should on your self.) Currently I find myself on a different vibrational level. I find myself moving at a different pace, seeing with new eyes and moving forward on the Good Red Road. I previously thought I was moving but have discovered that I had been walking in place.

It can be difficult to make such a move, sometimes you leave behind beloveds because we somehow think we can be of better good if we just stay a bit longer. (walking in place) But Creator has a larger plan than our understanding and a sense of humor in my case. I have learned that struggling is optional but change is going to happen if I am committed to grow. It’s on us to surrender even if it hurts. Let go, let it happen, don’t ask questions or try to justify, only seek answers; this is my new song.

You have to be true to your path even when our beloveds don’t see or understand what we are being called to do as we grow and move forward. I find that I am not really changing that much but more of letting go and being who I have been in a more authentic unguarded way, honoring me first above all else. (Note to self: work on doing this guilt free) All I see that I can do is honor the past, celebrate the love, and move on in a way that brings honor to who I am.

Gophers dig deep, follow the vibrations, and move forward. As you explore the underworld like gopher, be prepared to have the deeper truth revealed. It’s not easy to see it but it is healing and sometimes you will find as I am that your awakening to the consciousness reveals many things.

I have seen that the truths I thought were reality have been rearranged. They reveal a new reality to walk in; one with more clarity, creativity, and a feeling of stepping through a new door and I have been standing in the doorway far too long. It’s a constant journey to discover who you are now and most important who you are becoming as you have always been. Dig deep, listen to yourself, take time for refection, own your stuff, be true to you above all others and move on your path with love.

mist over Smokies