Sunday, June 22, 2008

Courage, Pride, Unconditional Love

The Land

Girls Night OUT

Detail: Mariposas

Someone asked me about LGBTQ Pride and why we use that word. When society as a whole sends a message that you can't share who you are and who you love; self worth is attacked and internalized oppression sets in. Add to it: you lose family support and or relationship bonds, job is threatened, housing discrimination, can be denied medical care, few if any protections under the law, many are physically attacked or killed, your relationships are not recognized or respected; all this adds up. It takes some like minded community members to remind you that self love and holding your head up is the only way to make it... "show some pride!"

This is LGBTQ Pride month so I wish all my Lesbiana, Gay, Bi, Trans, & Queer family and friends love and happiness and courage! Courage to be who you are in spite of the love and "good intentions" of others who may want you to change so they feel better.

Love is love and it starts with self love. Heal yourself with self love and seek to be who you are as Creator intended. Some of us are blessed to walk this Red Road as a Two Spirit. Before the oppression of organized religions (I'm not saying all religion is oppressive, you decide that; I'm just talking history) Two Spirits were celebrated in the community, we were the healers, teachers, warriors and those who were given the strength to be different and all were celebrated not hated.

Loving is never wrong but it can lead to some unthoughtful often hurtful actions and decisions. Those who love us and want us to change really do love us; they just struggle with how to love us. Imposing beliefs on one another is where we miss the part about unconditional love. I will accept you and your beliefs and if we differ I will love you anyway. I ask that you allow the same. We just want to walk our path with dignity and respect for who we know we are, not who you need us to be.

Love is never wrong but it can look different from what you know and understand; doesn't mean its not love. Human Spirits in a caring relationship, committed to one another, just trying to make it through daily life; it happens in straight and LGBTQ relationships. One is not better than the other. All wanting to share a life, be happy, and be respected as a couple.

There are many couples on their way to California to celebrate love and with a validation that as humans we have equal rights for those relationships. There are those in opposition. As history writes a new chapter of how we as humans on this planet treat one another I pray that this chapter will end differently.

For those of you my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community who have lost traditional "family" because you had the courage to be you, stand strong and know that you are part of the larger family of Two Spirits and I love you, just for being you!

Love yourself, love others...unconditionally... it may take some practice but its worth it. You will find that in loving you will receive love and together we can begin to heal for the Greater Good. Tlazokamati

Saturday, June 14, 2008

la loba finds a home

I am happy to share that this work has found a great home. It has been with me for some time and traveled to tell many stories. It was time she came to rest and I am honored to have her be part of a an amazing family of kindred souls whose life work I truly admire.She reminds me of you Louise and I know she will be happy with you and Bill!

I tell it to you as it was told to me. The old one gathers the bones in the desert. Under the moon and stars she calls upon the ancestors. She sings and dances with the Spirits far into the night. As she dances the bones begin to combine and become the wolf again. Bringing with it a clear vision of her walk in life filled with direction, strength and power. la loba

Gather what is scattered in this life and call upon the wisdom you have carried with you throughout the ages. Listen to the wind as it sings your inner voice. Dance toward your dreams without reservation. And feel the fire that can ignite the never ending power of love you hold inside. I wish you strength, love, and clear vision this day on on this Good Red Road.