Monday, June 04, 2007

8 time

I recently spent a short visit with someone that is very special to me. She is among many things a fellow artist, my teacher, friend, sister, inspiration, and mentor. My time with her is often short but always supercharged. She says we are on an 8; meaning we go our separate ways but are always destined to reconnect. We have and will repeatedly cross paths to check in with one another just as the number 8 crosses in the middle.

The discussion topics have varied over the years but it’s the lessons, the gifts that come long after our talks that echo within me. Like after a day you have spent playing in the ocean and by the time you are home and drift off to sleep the rhythm of the waves still caress your body. She’s like that only she reaches into your spirit and you can hear the elders and ancestors talking through her and you can feel the purity of love shining through.

She isn’t a know it all or a show off, and I do remember she is human but it’s her essence, her peace, wisdom and caring ways that I admire most. With just a few words she shares profound messages, shines the light on subjects, and holds the mirror up so that I can see my growth and places yet to grow.
She is an artist, but for now her paints sit in the closet and her sketches wait on the drawing table. Her current medium, human beings.
Thanks M for being on my 8 and sharing a part of yourself with me. Today I celebrate the artist in each of us. I remember as humans we are all on an 8 with others and creating is the intersection where we touch one another.

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  1. i love that term - 8 time. What a wonderful way to think about the fragments of time we have to share. thanks!