Thursday, July 05, 2007

Preparing the Caldo

I have been busy shedding and cleansing my home and studio. I often do this before I begin making what I call the caldo(soup) for a new project. It helps since once I begin its usually organized chaos and no room in the house is spared. I gather items, pictures, colors that feel like what the work calls for and I place them in a wooden or basket bowl. These items marinate and serve to further the inspiration. Then comes the auditioning of fabrics, paint, and all the embellishments. Sometimes none of them end up on the work, other times everything does. I am not in control, the process leads the choices. Back to letting things simmer as I clean out more stuff...I came across this picture, one of my favorites, reminds me of those that came before me and where I am going.
Here's a bit about the artist: Yolanda M L√≥pez,“The Portrait of the Artist as the Virgin of Guadalupe"Her mother supported their family by working at an industrial sewing machine for 30 years. She worked as a community artist in the Mission District, CA with a group called Los Siete de la Raza. She views her work as an artist as a tool for political and social change.

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