Thursday, September 06, 2007

Artists and Donations

I rarely donate work to organizations for auction or sale. I have to be able to get behind what the group is actually doing for the community. As a community activist I am well aware that there are many groups that need financial support. I donate time and artwork as I can but as an artist the requests can sometimes be overwhelming. It can sometimes feel like I am expected to be the fast food of artwork and a quick buck for a cause, I dont mind donating but every now and then I need a donation of my own. So I have become selective about who and how many works. No longer first come first serve and I am learning to say "no, not this time" instead of "no problem".

Then there are the groups that quietly need the support and dont ask. I happened to be in a meeting when someone mentioned the 15th Anniversary of the Arkansas Supportive Housing Network and their fundraiser party and silent auction. Now this is a group I can get behind. They have provided rental assistance and services to individuals and families who are homeless and/or disabled, for 15 years. I know a few people who are a part of the Homeless Coalition and they are working hard for real change and in a way that respects those involved.

So this artwork will be a donation for their silent auction. Frida was a powerful artist, activist and woman with a disability. I hope it brings in some dollars for a good group. For more information about the group check out

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