Monday, October 01, 2007

entourage and my creative process

I started this work with a different focus. The woman image was intended to be the center of another work with an entirely different message. During the process "she" kept telling me there were actually two works not one. So I followed the process and the images as they appeared to me. They changed as I worked. It lead me to this, my entourage. I've been having visions of some of my entourage lately, the ancestors and family members on the other side that help guide my path. As Dia de los Muertos approaches I spend more time being aware of the energy of those that came before me and reflecting on the lessons learned and what I will pass on. I am now working on the other piece and being open to hear the work. Letting spirit, intuition and the creative dance lead me. It has taken me many years as an artist to trust the process and simply get out of the way so that the work will come through me. Its usually surprising to me as I step back to see what might fall from my hands.

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