Saturday, June 14, 2008

la loba finds a home

I am happy to share that this work has found a great home. It has been with me for some time and traveled to tell many stories. It was time she came to rest and I am honored to have her be part of a an amazing family of kindred souls whose life work I truly admire.She reminds me of you Louise and I know she will be happy with you and Bill!

I tell it to you as it was told to me. The old one gathers the bones in the desert. Under the moon and stars she calls upon the ancestors. She sings and dances with the Spirits far into the night. As she dances the bones begin to combine and become the wolf again. Bringing with it a clear vision of her walk in life filled with direction, strength and power. la loba

Gather what is scattered in this life and call upon the wisdom you have carried with you throughout the ages. Listen to the wind as it sings your inner voice. Dance toward your dreams without reservation. And feel the fire that can ignite the never ending power of love you hold inside. I wish you strength, love, and clear vision this day on on this Good Red Road.

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