Friday, October 23, 2009


My Beloved took me for a drive and a picnic in
the Great Smokey Mountains.
It brought nourishment to more than our bodies.

We walked through an open field that called us with unspoken words.

We moved with intention but no plan;
just wanting to be open to the experience.
We were surrounded by color, texture, sights, sounds, smells
and beautiful energy.

It was a reminder that we are all part of nature,

we always have been and always will be.

Like the colorful leaves that danced from the trees,
the evening wind in my hair, and all the other
animals we celebrated on our walk
we are but a small part of the circle.

Wherever you are there is the beauty of nature
waiting to welcome you back home

Seek it out and take a moment to reconnect

and discover the beauty
that lies within the circle
and within the Spirit that is you.

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