Monday, December 28, 2009

Light Your New Year's Fire!

Cheers to a New Year!
Another chance to do it all again maybe even better this time.
An opportunity to pause and look through new eyes, listen with open hearts, forgive, and withhold judgement. Accept others. They will show you who they are; just clear your intentions and see them. They are not always who you think they are, keep looking.

 Its time to trust and love yourself unconditionally. Forgive yourself and nurture your Spirit. Dare to push yourself to reach beyond what you think you can do. Look outside yourself and what you think you want, trust the Universe to deliver what you need. Dancing on the skinny branches can be scary but great fun especially if you have a Beloved to dance with you!

Walk the path that is meant for you even if it means sometimes you walk alone. Know that God/Spirit/Light, the Angels, Guides, Guardians, and Ancestors are always walking with you. And as you walk keep an open heart, you may be suprised to see that you have a Beloved walking beside you. Let go and see what happens.

Salud a todos! My prayer is for Good Health, Creativity, Peace, Wisdom, Dancing, Play and Laughter. Learning to Trust the Universe and listen to the lessons.  I pray for a path on the Good Red Road that leads to beautiful tomorrows. Dreams that do their best to come true (reminder: get out of your own way). And Love that never ends.

Time to give thanks for all that we have and all the experiences that are ahead of us. And time to Appreciate all the wonderful things about each one of you. Gracis  tlazocamati
Feliz Ano ~Nuevo

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