Wednesday, May 12, 2010

River Market inspiration

One of our favorite things to do is visit the River Market early on Saturday mornings. Its an open market right off the truck along the Arkansas River in downtown Little Rock.

 The crisp morning air is filled with the sounds of local musicans, vendor chatter and the laughter and conversations of people sharing the moment. The smells of fresh fruit, vegatables, kettle corn cooking and baked goods dance through the wind.

The feast for the eyes is the perfect inspiration for making art.
Endless colors, blends, color combinations, textures and shapes on every table and inside each crate. An explosion of Mother Nature's finest artwork.
 Its just the right medicine when I am feeling blocked or stuck in the studio.

Maize is King!

Fresh mint smells so sweet for a cool tea, Spirit medicine, healing...
just like Grandpa grew in his garden.

More herbs and they smell so great.
Good inspiration for the Chef to make art!

Mother Nature's art never fails to inspire.
Filled with colors, combinations, textures, and shapes
 if we would only take the time to see.
I'm off to audition materials for my latest creation.
And later enjoy the Chef's art on the dinner table!

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  1. Yes I remember the River Market it can be inspirational with all it's colors,smells textures of the produces, and a gorgeous woman to share it with;}
    Here in Ann Arbor,(where I spend most of my wkends)it isn't too "shabby" at all. We too have great MainStreet vendors. Diversity, culture, higher education, and lots of Art, makes one feel very comfortable in their own skin in this large cozy town. Unfortnately, Lansing is still very closed minded, god only knows when the city will ever purify the darkness of the inhabitants consciousness, starting with the Mayor. Oh well...Great pics!!!
    And hey...I thought, "I was The King of Corn!;{"