Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter solstice and embracing the darkness

Let go of who you were, who you thought you would be and embrace who you are right now, today! Embrace your inner Star Child and celebrate you!

Last night was the first total lunar eclipse to fall on a winter solstice in 372 years. A significant event on several levels. It was a historical event and it marked the beginning of winter, however the most meaningful to me is that it was a turning point in consciousness levels all over the world. 

Being in the dark so to speak can cause us to stress, but it's only for a brief time.The light always follows. And it's in the light where we can truly see our self and our next steps in our journey on this Good Red Road. One of the teachers of our time, Starhawk shared about this scared event. "Solstice reminds us that no darkness, no loss, no grief or disappointment is final. "Out of darkness, light is born. Every ending gives rise to a new beginning. Out of disappointment and despair comes new courage, new hope." 

The Mayan calendar tells us that the next few days the energy is strong and we should embrace change both personally and globally. It is time to create our life, our world as we would like it to be. What kind of life do you dream of? What healing is needed for our Mother Earth and our Spirits? What do we need to create, embrace or shed? I encourage you to dream big, clean house, and move forward. This year the Earth is directly aligned with the Milky Way's galactic center, which is where the stars are born. So get busy and give birth to your inner star!

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  1. Sometimes--you take pictures like 'Rivera'or 'Modigliani'
    would paint; moving rhythmically with GOD.

    The 2nd shot especially, the midnight blues & blacks touched my soul. Although dark, they are soft...one can go no deeper.