Monday, August 15, 2011

Venado Blanco...White Deer Medicine

Venado Blanco (c) Sabrina Zarco 2011

The summer heat changes the air around the trees and the creek is eerily silent. I live surrounded on three sides by trees and wildlife. Lately outdoor visions and movements seem dream like as we are slowly drained of our energy. I had to do a double take on the way to work one morning as I left the driveway. I looked up and saw a 5pt buck and doe standing on the asphalt of the cul de sac. I have to admit my first thought was who put the fake Christmas deer in the road? Then I realized they are real and were just as stunned looking back at me. And like a cheesy commercial lovers moment we lock eyes, no breathing, and then they turn into wisps of fog as they fade into the woods.

As I drive to work I relive the moment, searching for the message. I remember the art work I have in my studio. The fabric is not readily accessible yet since the move. And I really enjoy romancing other materials so the love affair is always fresh and new. So right now I am working on assemblage work. I have been digging through boxes of pieces parts to see what it wants to become, always a fun unexpected process. 

I have been in a struggle about what materials want to bond with each other so as I often do, I ask my dreams. I literally go to sleep with the question and very often dream about the answer. The answer is not always evident, sometimes I have to let it marinate a day or two for it to become clear. Several days and nights pass and I keep getting a visit from a white deer! Venado blanco and maize. I reach into my boxes and start to assemble my altar to the sacred corn and powerful deer.

Deer medicine brings us gentleness in thought, touch, and word. Purity of purpose, to walk in light and out of the shadows. Deer let nothing keep them from their path, moving around and over obstacles. No hidden agendas, ulterior motives, lies or misrepresentations. Its impossible for deer to knowingly hurt someone because of their innocence and gentleness. Deer reminds us of unconditional love and kindness. 

The gift of Aspergers has given me a naivety as that of a child and sometimes in my innocence I unexpectedly become wounded by others. My trusting nature allows for disappointment when I expect others to walk beside me in a good way. I have been struggling with some of these things in my life lately. All this work has been creating more of a warrior stance and some of my gentleness has been absent. This was a reminder to be gentle with my boundaries and with myself.
Now white animal medicine is very sacred, its a huge sign of prophecy. A sign from the Great Spirit, Great Mystery, God, or Creator  that a major shift in my world is about to come. So I must be like deer and be swift, gentle, graceful, and alert to what is moving my way. So if it has not been present lately add some gentleness to your life. 

Venado Blanco (c) Sabrina Zarco 2011

Mother and her young one crossing our garden. The family lives along the bluff that surrounds the house on three sides. They cross the creek bed and move through the back yard and garden path, over the rock wall, and back into the woods. Its a gift to be able to watch them and be reminded of what they bring.

 A young friend of mine ended his journey on this Earth school today. He was a gentle Spirit like the deer. He cared for children and families in his work as a social worker. He touched my life with laughter for the brief time we shared and I honor his gentle spirit with these photos. We light a candle for you Tony on your new journey. And send love and peace to your beloved husband Justin who is finding the courage to keep walking without you. Amor y paz

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