Sunday, August 25, 2013

Zozobra the legend continues

Will Shuster and Zozobra

This is the artist who first created Zozobra and the legend for the city of Santa Fe,           

Will Shuster and the head of the giant marionette. To read more about Zozobra and the legend go here

Every artist their interpretation of what Zozobra looks like so here are two more of the four entires I will be exhibiting at the Zozofest Art Show in Santa Fe.

I had the itch to stich so I embroidered a portrait of Zozobra. Its a 17" x 12" piece and I added my signature bead and button border.

I havent made time to create in awhile so busy with the move and getting settled in New Mexico. As I explored the legend of Zozobra I had to get my hand into all the media I love to create with and so the collage on a big wooden Z was born.

This is a 12" x 18" wooden Z. I had a great time tearing paper and looking through my stash. Its a paper collage, using paint, bottle cap eyes, and buttons.

Gather all your worries and lets burn them away for a brand new start!

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