Friday, October 11, 2013

Final day of  three days of vending art at the Southwest Conference on Disability.

I feel like I just left the most unique amazing community. People helping people, showing love and honest concern, patience and understanding. Openly assisting others and giving gifts some tangible to one another. I have never been in a place where everyone accepted everyone for all of who they are and demonstrated such love and respect.

I sat with elders, folks with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, brain injury, all kinds of mental illness, PTSD, and Autism. Not to mention the various spiritual beliefs and nationalities and life experiences. All of us artists human beings first showing human kindness. Each of us giving to one another with out being asked just seeing where we could step in and lift someone up both physically and spiritually. We all gave and received only taking what we needed. Then passing on the love to someone else.

I am honored to be a part of this unconditional family where you can let it all out and its ok. In fact you are supported and encouraged to do so. I cant say enough about all the blessings, gifts, resources and new family members to visit. All I can say is that real true unconditional love is most powerful. Thank you for this experience that has changed my life direction and lifted my weary spirit. I look forward to the new journey we have begun. 

Oh and yes I sold some art, traded some, received some as gifts and bought a bit. Mostly we as a community of artists who respected each others journey created an art experience using people as our medium and it was amazing!

Thank you to those of you who purchased my art and stopped to share your story. Also thank you to those who work as advocates and activists for marginalized communities. Take care of yourself and I send you love, peace, and I stand in solidarity with your work.
Thank you, Gracias, Tlazocamati

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