Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Monsoon Rains and Bee Rainboots

After experiencing thunder, lightening, cold breezes, and hail for an hour; we stepped out on the deck. The amazing smell of wet earth and ponderosa and piƱon trees was intoxicating. Among the usual symphony of after rain sounds we could hear a familiar yet rarely heard sound. 

I quickly put on my favorite rain boots the "bee boots" to investigate. Off for an adventure in the mud we went.

The usually dry arroyo, creek bed, or seasonal creek as it is called was fiercely flowing giving off all those ions and awakening the senses. The beautiful red clay of the lower Rockies was creating my very own Willy Wonka chocolate river! (One of my fav movies)

It was exciting to see our usual paths for walks were well under water. There was evidence that there was a much higher flow earlier in the storm. Small trees, branches, and shrubs were over turned along with forest floor debris all making the journey through the once dry sandy rocky path. 

The precious gift of moving water and the ever present little girl that resides in me are a magical combination. I was flappy happy and giddy. Moving water is the only real medicine that can immediately release all of my anxiety and stress. For someone like me on the Autism spectrum my anxiety and stress are naturally high all the time. I am not able to quiet it. Meditation/prayers, the outdoors, making art, and select other things can calm it but nothing like moving water can cleanse me and set my spirit soaring. Immediately I am set free. 

Living on the mountain in a drought has been tough new experience. A dry well that I pray will be restored and water shortages in the state make for little to no time for me to get a water healing. So I couldn't help it. It was time to shed the bee boots and step in.

Because we have a relationship with this path and the rocks and trees we could recognize favorite spots where we would sit and soak in the universe. Only this time they had water spiraling around over and through them. A beautiful red clay chocolate swirling.

The water was cold, cold like a melted snow cone and it was magic. It swirled around my feet and splashed on my legs and I knew at that moment all was right with the world.

Mother earth, my curandera  washed away my worries and reminded me that she is always here for me even when I can't feel it. She cleansed me like she washed the trees and the rocks. This limpia reached mind, body, and soul. I felt a release and was immediately filled with peace and a joy so deep within. I was ready to start fresh. The rain always brings new beginnings.

I stood in the middle of the rushing water. I could hear the magical sounds. I could smell the wet earth. I could feel the cold wet movement across my body. All of it dancing around me like sweet sage smoke on a full moon night. I was present I was nowhere but in this moment.

The world was made right again and my strength renewed. Our four legged family member soaked it all in as well. And we didn't mind that he was a clay red dog at the end of the experience. We were all feeling blessed.

I am thankful for the everyday miracles, healings, and time spent under the trees and in the water. Take the time to stop, let go, and embrace the moments when they appear. These transformational moments are all around us. Its up to us to make the most of them.

The lightening returned in the distance. We decided it was time to make our way to the house as the sky began to fill with more clouds. We are blessed to be stewards of  this land where we make our home. We washed with the fresh rain water and settled in to reflect on the days events. 

There are many days I grow tired of the tasks,  the new skills I must learn, and the physical toll of living life on the mountain. But its days like this that remind me I belong here and there is more for me to learn from this sacred place on my journey. 


  1. So happy you had this experience - wish I could have joined you!

  2. Kit it was amazing. And you are welcome any time sister <3

  3. My dear art sister Janice it truly was a healing experience.

  4. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Yes nice photos .And yes that part of planet is a great place for healing of the soul and mind .