Sunday, May 31, 2015

Appreciating Water

Coming from the Bayou City I thought I understood water. The bayou winding around town, creeks, lakes and our beloved Third Coast trips off of Galveston Island. However it wasn't until I moved to the high desert mountains of New Mexico that I brought to consciousness how this precious liquid is truly the lifeline for all things. 

I know that many including my beloved Bayou City are experiencing too much water right now and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Here in the midst of a drought in the beginning of fire season in the high desert mountains it is very much welcomed. All in one day we had sunshine, rain, snow and hail.

I spent the most glorious rainy day doing all things in the rain and at times even small hail and snow. I was totally present to the wonderful smell I often miss, the taste of it cold on my hair and skin. I danced to my car in the store parking lot. Played in the garden under the shower. And listened to the sound of a distant thunder symphony of soft and hard sounds.

I am thankful for full rain barrels that will supplement my supply and the soothing sound of them filling. 

My garden is shiny, washed clean, and ready for new growth with the sweet scent of rain and the earth.

I have learned to appreciate this precious liquid resource. As with all things gifted to us in nature its good to slow down and take a moment and think about all the ways water impacts your life.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your beautiful comments about our precious water. It is powerful, life-giving and renewing and we all need to appreciate it and do what we can to conserve this resource. Your words are like poetry. Thanks for sharing with us. I live 60 miles from the Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi. I attended the SAQA conference in Santa Fe in April of 2013, when there was another SAQA exhibit in the capitol rotunda. What a treat!