Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tejas inspiration

I have been busy presenting diversity and dismantling racism workshops in addition to coordinating a cultural conference. The travel and conference prep while rewarding has been a bit stressful and it will all be complete first week in May. I needed a break from all the people and just wanted to spend time in a garden. So for my birthday my beloved took me to visit one of my favorite places, Festival Hill in Round Top, its between Houston and Austin. We spent hours there photographing, smelling, and enjoying the gardens. The grounds are filled with recycled stone, cement, and brick images and many of the fountains, grotto's, and walkways are created with recycled items.

Like my artwork I get great pleasure from the idea of reusing pieces parts, re purposing, and making something beautiful out of what others would toss out. Seeing the beauty in something sometimes takes time, just like with people, its there we only need to look.

These images will make their way into either her art or mine just as the the color combinations of flowers, herbs and garden animals we enjoyed. I will be back in the studio soon and it will be time for new work to be born. This has been a long gestation period and there is much to say with the new work.

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