Tuesday, May 15, 2007


During this time of discussions on immigration this image repeats in my mind. I create from spirit discussions; wordless conversations with elders, guides, ancestors, and my higher self, all operating from indigenous time. This image and has called me to create a series.

My work as a cross cultural workshop leader brings me into real time conversations with individuals that have lost, had stolen, or have forgotten that we all have a rich history and culture, each with our own stories to tell. It is in these stories that we find our humanness, our connection to the Source/God/Goddess and to one another. It is the place where we can truly see one another and embrace our love for the greater good. My artwork facilitates stories and pushes thoughts, not always providing answers but posing more questions.

The family image is from a yellow caution street sign used in several states. I choose to use the image not as a caution sign but as a symbol of family, hope, and solidarity of a people. This work is currently in a private collection and is the first in a series.

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