Saturday, March 01, 2008

cleansing, creating and reflection

Lesbianas estan donde queria c/s

I've been in the studio getting ready for a show in April and trying to finish several works that have been waiting for my attention. Feeling like I am ready for spring and the end of another personal year. I am preparing myself.

As my new year or birthday approaches I take time to center myself, cleanse my physical, emotional, and spiritual space in preparation for a new start. I like to review lessons learned, lessons in process and re examine where I am in relation to my work and with others. I do not separate myself from my work. It is all interconnected. I see my work as a mirror, personal journal, healing place, and voice, reflecting my adventures with myself and others. Mas later as I continue the process this month.

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  1. kim ritter10:29 AM

    didn't know you were blogging! Me too, working on the art car