Sunday, November 23, 2008

Creating Solidarity for the Greater Good

Sometimes creativity comes in different forms. The art of organizing and standing in solidarity in the face of injustice is an art form worth perfecting! Randi Romo (pictured above) and I are co founders of the Center for Artistic Revolution aka CAR. CAR members took the lead and together with other organizations we all created some art and made public our fight for justice. We marched in the streets and stood in freezing weather on the State Capitol steps to be heard in Little Rock, AR.

Judge Wendall Griffen supports the crowd of 350 in the fight for justice!

Arkansans March To Protest Act One

Hundreds of Arkansans gathered to protest Act One which passed in the last election and bans unmarried couples from fostering or adopting children.

The Center for Artistic Revolution helped organize the protest encouraging all participants to wear black and walk in silence to represent children who don't have a voice, but people with Family Council Action Committee say Arkansas has already voiced what's best for children by voting against Act One.

In two single file lines, they silently march to the State Capitol hoping to block the measure to ban unmarried couples from fostering or adopting, but John Thomas with the Family Caouncil Action Committee says it will be established law come January.

Thomas says, "What it tells me anyways is that there are people in Arkansas who are much more concerned about their own rights than they are about the welfare of children." Thomas says kids coming from troubled homes don't need to move to a home with roommates. He adds, "What they need is stability that's exactly what the intention on Act One is."

Judge Wendell Griffen says to the crowd of protestors, "There are people who said you would not come thank you for proving them wrong." As the crowd walked onto the capitol steps, Judge Wendell Griffen offered hope saying they can repeal Act One.

Judge Griffen says, "In the name of justice I am here to ask you to say to legislatures please respect the judges that the people of Arkansas have elected to do their job." Judge Griffen says every home open for foster care or adoption has to go through a rigorous screening process and it wouldn't be any different for cohabitating couples.

Jeania Waid adds, "Me and my sons father are not married I don't think my three-year-old has any concept of that whatsoever. He knows he lives in a loving home with a mother and father that care about him."

Randi Romo says until she is able to legally adopt her granddaughter, she will fight for equality. Romo says, "We know that a marriage license and sexual orientation do not make good parents; it's the quality of the parents the commitment of the parents and it's the love in the home."

Act one passed by 57 percent, but Judge Griffen says it will require two-thirds majority of the legislature to repeal the act.

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