Tuesday, March 24, 2009

new eyes

Each year I make heart shaped work to donate for Center for Artistic Revolution Inc., CAR's silent auction fundraiser. This year I was pressed for time and decided to revisit an old work that was, well it just was. I had previously done surgery on it to make a panel for another donation and what was left just called to be reinvented. One part of it had an image that appeared in the fabric, I just stitched around it so others could see what I see and so it found a home on one of the wooden heart bases. The second one had a section of layers of thread and shiny stuff covered in netting that I quilted down as flowing energy so that one was also born. I try to re purpose fabric from clothing or thrift stores so this time I gave an old work new life. Sometimes the work just doesn't end up the way you thought it should or could be and it has to marinate for awhile. Then going back to look at it in a different way lends itself to new possibilities.
Sometimes in life we toss out something or someone that appears to be no longer of interest, use or meaning in our life. Maybe the lesson here is to stop and take a second look, to see it with new eyes and how it might fit in our life without any of the past intentions or expectations. New beginnings and fresh starts, that's what spring is all about right? Hope you had a good Vernal (Spring) Equinox and that you find new beginnings and see through new eyes. After all isn't that what growing looks like?

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