Friday, March 27, 2009

happy new year to me!

My tattoo: I create with thread and always with my Spirit Guide Red tail hawk watching. I sew together this passion filled flaming Chicana heart, patched with a design adapted from the ancestors Aztec body art patterns. tlazocamatiI

I see my birthday as a new beginning to my personal new year. An anniversary of my arrival this go around. On your birthday the sun returns to the exact position in the sky as it was the day you were born, its called the solar return and this can give you a great deal of insight on the upcoming year. Its a time to reexamine, evaluate, celebrate, and plan for growth and goals for the new year.

For me this one has been difficult getting to, lots of shedding in the physical, mental, and emotional landscape to unearth the new me. I feel raw and venerable but somehow ready to walk through this new path on my journey in this earth school and see what life holds for me next.

Like the raw materials in my studio I am going to pull out what feels right, put together the best fit, and work at it until I am pleased. I choose to no longer create what others expect, or think best for me, now as the artist I make the final decision and I have to please no one but myself. Its more process and less product for me but the creation for this new year is going to be one that I am happy to call mine. No matter what challenges or obstacles I know that the harder I work at my art the more connected to my Spirit I become. The more I like the end product and often fall in love with the my latest creation. So here I go with wings of hope. Here's to new beginnings!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Love the tattoo. Hope you have a glorious day full of art.