Wednesday, June 24, 2009

gifts shared

A teacher, Spiritual healer, and friend, left this Earth School to continue his journey recently. Bryant will be missed and the lessons he shared with us resonate in all we do. When someone leaves us to start the journey on the other side, we remember the little things about them. How they spoke, their pet peeves, and the stories, always the stories. Those gifts they gave us without knowing they were giving them, it was so natural for them to share.

When I was a child I played under the sewing machine of my mother and grandmother. As they worked on the latest matching dresses for me and my sister; they would toss bits of fabric, thread, and trims to the floor. Never realizing (or maybe they did and were just happy I was occupied) that as I sat below the machine, their discarded bits would fall on me like rain. I would take those bits and fashion them into magic works that would make me smile. I gathered only what called to me; as it is with my work today the materials lead the process. That's how it was with Bryant as with many teachers; they just toss around wisdom and its up to us to pick up what we see as the treasure we need in our life experiences. And then we fashion them into who we are and are becoming.

Gracias Bryant for the rebozos I wrap myself in; gracias for your treasures sometimes wrapped in a tough manner, but a treasure just the same for our Red Road journey.
tlazocamati Dios de bendiga

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