Thursday, May 28, 2009

Storms bring growth

Cedar Falls AR
Cedar creek flowing fast toward the falls after many days of rain.

The days and nights have been filled with rain, storms, thunder, winds, lightening and now flooding. The heavens have been releasing and the atmosphere is filled with electricity. I have also been releasing. Some things I didn't want to let go of but the Universe has a way of flooding you and forcing you down stream whether you want to or not. I still cant swim but the muse of the water beckons so I go and just try not to let the current take me under. Its easy sometimes in transition to only focus on oneself and forget that there are others around you who may also feel the current.The atmosphere is charged and keeps me in the present moment instead of trying to relive the past. So after a visit to my favorite place in AR I washed myself in the water, drank in the sunshine, was blessed by the trees and had a talk with myself and the ancestors. Its in the surrender that the forgiveness and healing can begin. Going with the flow and staying present to what the Creator has around the bend can be frightening but also exhilarating. So now I don't fight the current but celebrate with each cleansing rainfall. I know I am growing just as the landscape around me is green with new growth and the promise of an amazing summer.

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