Wednesday, August 12, 2009

celebrate the gift of people in your life

g People cross our path and sometimes they are physically present in our lives for a short time. Its the treasure you find when you meet them and the exchange you share that makes the difference. My beloved sister Maria Teresa was one of those special people in my life. An amazing Chicana with a love for her family, cultura and making a difference for others. She was an outstanding trailblazer while in Ar, being a Latina in a fast track to Social Work Masters degree. We are so proud to call her our sister.

She has since left with her mad skills, wicked sense of humor, and kind heart to rejoin her family across the ocean. You are still in our hearts and the ripples from the love you shared will continue to flow. I made this as a gift to remember our time together and it will soon be on its way to you mi hermana.

The traditional symbol of the underrepresented, the Virgin or Tonatizin is at the center of this collage piece, her background is the field of Tejas bluebonnets something we both talked about and missed living in AR. The mother and son represent not only her two beautiful sons but mothers and children that she has helped along her journey. Other traditional imagery of our joint culture are also a part of this work like the Loteria cards, and the dia de los muertos images. Te aquerdas that party or the Chola adventure? We had some good times hermana and I hope to cross paths once again. Mucho carnio, abrazos, y Dios de bendiga!

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