Monday, August 10, 2009

reach for it

On the road again, teaching and preaching the gospel of inclusiveness; challenging others to try on the dressings of understanding and mutual respect. Pushing each other to think beyond labeled boxes and open up to different and find the sameness as humans, if not for yourself, your familia, but for the Greater Good.

The work is draining to say the least but for now using my words are in front. Later my art will speak louder, volumes even. And the work that will flow through my hands will find the secret places that my words cannot reach. It will be a greater healing not only for those open to receive but for me.
I have many stories to tell and I am growing more pregnant with them each day that passes. And when my gestation period is complete; then I will step through the obsidian looking glass once more. My Spirit will fly like Brother Red Tail and my vision, my charge will be even clearer. I will follow the Red Road with my protector, my guide, my teacher, la Loba and we will share many of life's lessons. Creator has great love for each of us, it’s up to us to reach out, take hold of it, and soar. tlazocamati

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