Friday, February 19, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos aka Happy New Year Beloved!

beautiful colors of homemade salsa before....

February is always filled with thoughts of love and loved ones for me. I have several Beloveds who have their personal New Year aka birthday this month. So I celebrate them individually, publicly here, and with a feast, music, prayers, and unending love. Happy Birthday, Feliz Cumpleanos, Happy Personal New Year!

My Beloved I pray for you that you may find continued peace and love and joy on this journey. I pray for your health in the Spirit and the physical. I send love and prayers honoring you and celebrate what gifts you have brought to my life. I am away from you in miles but not in my heart. I honor you and ask Creator to guide your path as you begin anew. Have fun! Celebrate the new adventures that lay before you. They are listed in order of bday not importance...they all rock my world!

B for your service to this country, I pray for your Spiritual, emotional, and physical health. You have given me the reminder that art heals as you encouraged me and held me as I lost my way. You always remind me to smile and to be wild like our Milagro. Have a blessed New Year and thank you for being a part of my life.

L for ten years you have unselfishly given your love and kindness to me. I treasure your honesty and love unconditional. Thank you for investing in my art and opening doors to new adventures. I pray that we will always hold each other dear as we travel this Earth School. I pray for your health, creativity, and that you will continue to share the love and joy. Many appreciate you and I am always honored to have you as part of my life.

My sister L I pray for your New Year and wish you blessings as I do each year. We have grown up together and grown apart in miles but we will always be sisters and I love you.

LJ I pray your New Year will be filled with joy as you spread your wings even further and fly into all of who you are and will be. Thank you for reminding me that Creator is in charge and that I too must always be true to myself no matter what others say or do. I admire your bravery and pray for good health, clear vision, more writing and love.

And for all of you who have a beloved bday to celebrate I dance with you too!

Homemade is best!

Bread of life....sweet aka pan dulce


  1. Thank you my very special friend.
    Wow! That food looks great! Did you make all that?

    Again mucho gracias por tu amistad y amor nunca voy a olvidar te...nunca!

    I hear your engaged well you go mujer! And thank's for the wings!;) I am now The Falcon and soaring higher than I ever could imagine. God, HOW I LOVE MY LIFE SO MUCH!!! Peace.

  2. Especially..."The pan dulce" LOL;}