Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow Mariachi

Another snow day here in Little Rock . My beautiful nieces made their version of a snow man they call Pancho. I am really happy to see this unique snowman, not only the great art but it lets me know that the girls are confident in their culture. Its an unspoken message that says they can proudly claim all of who they are in all that they do and not have to hide it. I celebrate the snow art but also what it says to me about the strong Latina women they are becoming and their great parents!

Lots of snow art going on here and work in my studio. This snowman speaks to the work in my studio right now. I am working on a piece for a racism show and its been an emotional journey. I struggled with how to show the pain of racism, in particular subtle racism but not appear as victim. The story of racism has a history and it's not about remaining victims but about acknowledging that it exists and making change.

I read a study that says women of color in the workplace suffer from more medical challenges, stress, heart disease, and hypertension because of the subtle racism. Its the subtle comments that we have to endure and look the other way otherwise we are labeled sensitive or too politically correct. But the reality is when something hurts it hurts intentional or not. Side note: Racism in the definition of this show and that I am speaking of is the broad term to include race and ethnicity. So this work is going to address the subtle words that wound the heart. Pictures on this to follow later but such is the artist life, the art is to be kept under wraps until the show.

Things are moving along with such peace in my Spirit and a knowing that I am on the right path. The haters can do their thing I am following my path and doors are opening. The Universe is good, when you let go of the ugly it makes room for the beautiful to come in.

bird snow art


  1. The fly-swatter arms on the snowman just crack me up!