Sunday, October 31, 2010

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! Remembering the Ancestors

Day of the Dead Doll House, Sabrina Zarco(c) 2010

This is my Day of the Dead Doll House for 2010. I usually make an art quilt but I have been on the road doing workshops. I am now getting ready to do a presentation for one of the high schools in the area so I am doing a re post of the dia de los muertos information  link below.

My beloved nephew and family are looking to create their own celebration this year! Hope this helps mijo and I hope to be in Htown next week. If you can get over to the Heights check out one of my teachers who always has community exhibits. Casa Ramirez on 19th Street for all things Mexican especially dia de los muertos. abrazos, paz y amor

Detail Day of the Dead Doll House, Sabrina Zarco(c) 2010

Link to Dia de los Muertos information on this blog:


  1. I love your doll house!

  2. I see you went to the ancestors and your imagination is primed,in top shape. Your art is a great story teller with or without words.

    Continue to walk unafraid between Worlds and do the work you are summoned to do. Stay connected; Be brave, and do what you do!

    Whether it be images, verbal or written, you will be blessed & inspired through the ancient ancestors.

    Can I play in your Doll house??? ;}

  3. @ Charity, thanks it was great fun to make!
    @ LJ Gracias for your encouragement, vision and wisdom you are very dear to me.