Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crow medicine, omen of change

While driving toward home in Tejas a crow crossed directly in front of the windshield and startled me. It was enough of a jump to remind me that I needed to be prepared for my visit. I began to remember that crow medicine is about healing and change in consciousness. It can bring about a new reality it can rid us of "dis-ease" or illness and is ever present in the circle. Little did I know I was on my way to one of the greatest healings of my life, a gift I prayed for but could have never imagined.

Crows are the guardians of ceremonial magick and healing. They dwell in the place of no space or time, are territorial, and wont give up the fight. If crow has crossed your path, you need to be willing to walk your talk and speak your truth. If crow keeps crossing your path then its really time for you to use your voice to "caw" if you will; especially at things you may feel are unjust or where others have no voice. The call of the crow is powerful.

The drive was beautiful and I prepared for my visit with intention. I had a wonderful visit with the familia and stepped into my new reality with love and peace. Healing where I thought there could be none. Laughter and sharing a meal can be the best medicine. Gracias and blessings to all my Beloveds and how we grew closer to one another and discovered a new way of being with one another. 

If crow crosses your path be willing to shape shift that old self for a new reality. Embrace the change, use your voice, and walk confidently on your path.
thank you, gracias, tlazocamati

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