Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving thanks

 think about it

Instead of honoring the traditional disrespectful distorted thanksgiving story we continue to tell in schools, I choose to focus today on just saying gracias. Thanks, Tlazocamati. 

I give thanks to Creator, the Mystery, the Source, the Light
I give thanks for my Spirit guides, ancestors, and angels.
I give thanks for my teachers, mentors, and path finders on this Good Red Road.
I give thanks for my Beloved, my treasured gift, the one who shares my daily life with love, commitment, and passion. Not always an easy task.
I give thanks for mi familia in Tejas, Dios de bendiga
I give thanks for my special way of seeing and experiencing the world  with Aspergers
I give thanks for all my Beloveds I call sisters and brothers who have crossed my path on this journey, blessings. 
I give thanks for the four legged and winged ones in my life.
I give thanks for my home, work, and many blessings of my daily life. 
I give thanks for social justice workers who keep the stories alive and keep fighting the hard fight for dignity and justice. 
I give thanks for the true change makers who walk daily challenging bigotry at every turn. 
I give thanks for our govt. leaders who truly are representatives for the people.
I give thanks for the Latino community for staying together, using our vote, its been a tough road.
I give thanks for the artists, creative brothers and sisters who tell the stories that need to be told in cloth, on walls or canvas, in spoken word or song, in gardens, kitchens, and classrooms. 

 I give thanks for health, joy, laughter, true love, honesty, courage, faith, commitment, passion, and dreams that do come true!

May the places you visit in Spirit and body today be welcoming to you and yours. 

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