Thursday, May 19, 2011

Experiencing Some Arkansas "True Grit"



Traveling in AR to present workshops of various topics we decided to explore some local culture in the historic "True Grit" town of Fort Smith AR. I am drawn to the exhibits at the museum that are fabric/textile related or "domestic" according to the exhibit sign. Interesting items with few if any womens names documented as opposed to the very documented weapons and hanging history.

I look for inspiration and individual stories that might have been missed/marginalized. This is the inspiration for much of my artwork. Doing anti-bias anti-racist work in a state with a big history of oppression of many layers, many of which are still present today, can make a social justice warrior weary. I try to seek out people and places where I can recharge my Spirit. One of my most favorite restaurants to recharge the body in AR is Rolando's Neuvo Latino Restaurante in Hot Springs.   I was so  pleased to see they have a location in Fort Smith so we wasted no time in ordering nourishment for the body and Spirit!

Salud e alegría crían belleza
Health and happiness create beauty
Mexican dicho

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