Saturday, April 05, 2008

Rain images

This week we were surprised by the intensity of the storms that hit Little Rock and the State. I was on the road but made it to the training site and found the tornado safe room then back home through more storms. That evening we heard the alarms sound and spent most of the night in the bathroom for safety. The rains came down and the wind roared outside. Most of my loved ones had only slight damage but I am not sure it works to say damage and slight in the same sentence. The important thing is that everyone is safe now. It was intense and with this rage of emotions and anxiety about personal safety, the safety of loved ones, and property safety it made for a roller coaster evening into mornings light.

When something like this happens you begin to reevaluate what your purpose is, what things are left undone and what is really important. I thought about many people and things on my Good Red Road and what I have yet to do. My home suffered only some roof damage to the front porch which created a waterfall thus rivers of water in the house. When I arrived home I moved the towels I had laid out in anticipation of the waters arrival. As I began to clean I was surprised to see images on the floor. They tell me my home was protected in some way and that I still have work to do. I know some of the things that I see in the rain images. So take a deep breath, clear your mind, and tell me, what do you see?

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  1. Hey, you've got someone living on your floor:) definately a crouched up man, the other is maybe a dog. Now me thinks I've spent too long in front of this computer..........