Monday, July 07, 2008

The creative process and work

Other People's Clothes

I am happy to say that this work as also found a home in a wonderful activist family! This work speaks to those who use the sewing machine to routinely assemble clothing that many cant afford to purchase. They are often working in unsafe conditions.

For me the sewing machine is part of my creative journey and using it for work; not being able to freely create would be a painful process for me. There was a time when I had to supplement my income buy providing gift shops with several of the same item in various colors. It was difficult to find any joy in the process and I found that after a time the work began to show my lack of passion.

Fortunately for me I have found other ways to supplement and can keep the creative flow sacred. For me it truly is about the process and the healing it brings me. I hope to get to my clean studio soon to work. My shedding process is almost done and deadlines are fast approaching.

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