Sunday, July 13, 2008

slow down and bring it together

I've been making ready for new work to be born and inspiration is abundant. I sketch rough ideas when I can making notes from dreams, conversations, and music.This summer has brought with it many changes in my life personally and professionally. Like the Moon Mother Coyolxauhqui my many responsibilities have me in pieces; and I am working to bring them all together for the greater good. I hope to begin soon on an art piece in her honor.

My job has taken me into the classroom once again and listening to young children brings messages. Their voices speak the truth, not yet quite shut down to their Spirit. It shows in their art and conversations at play.They see the world and report to us like a mirror reflecting not only the good but the paths that may bring challenges. And for some, they speak of things ones so young should not have to carry.

It reminds me to stay in touch with nature, simple kindness, and how to reach out to one another at our most basic human level. We can get so caught up in the challenges of life that sometimes we forget that it can be powerful to slow down, be kind to self, laugh, play,and prepare to grow. Its healing to remember the freedom, creativity, and beauty in being all of who we are untouched by the colonization of our lives.

I am thankful for this time with the children. It has brought me many lessons; learning to be OK with my silence, to be open, and to value listening. Children bring messages and teach us lessons we may have forgotten. tlazocamati


  1. i'm not sure how I stumbled upon you here.
    but what a breath it is, just being here, reading your words, taking them and letting them sink in, settle.
    I am just delighted to have "found" you.
    it sounds like we are, perhaps, kindreds in some way, sharing a vision of creating.

  2. Gracias to you my kindred sister. Its knowing that we dont walk alone that keeps us moving. We cross paths for a reason. Keep sharing yourself. I wish you peace, good health, love and happiness.