Thursday, April 02, 2009

...each of us has our own entourage in life.

Gift for soon to arrive baby Daniel. His Mom had the panel and tia Sabrina put it all together for the nursery. I pieced the border since I couldn't find one that would work, hand quilted ocean currents, added buttons of animals and a little house button where their home is located. The border of buttons come from my collection from friends, family and strangers that would put little cigar boxes of them on my doorstep. They are made from all kinds of materials. Writer, Sandra Cisneros who has one of my works hanging over her writing computer said, the buttons are like little stories themselves, little prayers. I agree, I see them as good energy, blessings for the little one. The back has colorful frogs in honor of their love of the outdoors and a special place they call Frog Valley.

Working on this piece gave me lots of healing at a time when I have been struggling with my place in the Universe. Thinking about this new soul that would enter this Earth School and what lessons are ahead for him gave me healing and Light. I thought about all the people ready to welcome him and what my role might be in his life.

I thought about how each of us has our own entourage in life. Those who came before that watch over us, Spirit Guides, ancestors, angels, and then there are those who walk among us. Life moves fast and sometimes just knowing you have some one in your corner helps. Being human working on the Spirit is a challenge and I try to remember to treasure those that cross my path even if for a little while. We each share lessons and sometimes hardships but knowing that you have someone to talk to can make the bumps and scrapes a bit easier to bear. And when you get stuck its comforting to know that its OK to just wait and that sharing with someone can make the wait easier (thanks j).

So I thank my entourage for the gift of just being there, especially when I feel alone. I can feel the love and support when I am still and gather my strength to keep on moving. I ask that I might grow wiser and stronger so that I can do my part as entourage for others. Its in community however we define it that we find our strength, our potential and in our solitude we remember we are not alone and give thanks.

In a few months Daniel will join us. We welcome you with love, your entourage is waiting.

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  1. Love the baby quilt. Your imagination always shines thru.

    I'm honored and happy to be in your entourage.

    You know, I got your back! - j