Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bee aware

Well spring is here I know because my allergies are doing their thing. There are other signs of spring like rain every other day, and things are all shades of beautiful greens and colorful blooms are everywhere which means bees. For three days now, (three is a healing number) I have had unusual encounters with bees. The first suddenly appeared as if to fall from the sky. I was standing at the kitchen sink looking out my window and there it was; it fell in the sink right in front of me. Just buzzed a bit as it made a revolution and politely cooperated as I lifted it out with a towel and tossed it out the back door. I am usually open to signs especially those from nature so I thought about it a bit but quickly went back to my busy schedule. My job has been unusually busy, my community work is also moving fast right now, and not much time for art or a personal life. Good thing since I have received messages that I need to just be still in my personal life but that’s another post, back to the bees.

The second visit was when I sat down one evening at my computer. Within seconds of laying my hands across the keyboard a bee fell “from the sky” and landed on the desk within an inch of the keyboard. This one also made a turn, buzzed as he danced and cooperated when he left. By this time I had told a few of my beloveds about this and they each had their ideas: you need to bee still, you have been busy as a bee, do you have a bee in your bonnet, bee happy and so on. I laughed it off and think I don’t have time to listen to the message the Universe is sending me right now, hold that thought and when I have time I will get back to it. Take a message I’ll work that in my schedule in a few days; wrong thing to say to the Universe.

Day three of encounters of the bee kind. While sitting at the computer working when I should have been resting, oh I don’t like to should on myself but in hindsight that’s what I should have been doing. Anyway I’m concentrating so hard my shoulders are aching, my eyes scrunched and have added a few more wrinkles to my forehead. I’m deep in thought and determined to complete just one more work project so I can keep up and dare I think maybe get one step ahead. Then I hear this tiny buzzing sound. One of the gifts of being on the autistic spectrum is the ability to hear sounds most others miss. I usually just skim though the database of sounds in my head, identify it or relate it to another sound already identified, scan for any signs of danger, and then move on to whatever I am doing usually takes a few seconds. The buzzing sound began to grow, a few seconds later it registers; my database was moving slow that night. It’s a bee, another bee in the house, now what? I stop what I am doing although I am not so happy to do so and start to investigate the sound. It appears that this one is not going away so easy this time and the Universe is making sure I stop long enough to receive my message. It’s buzzing around the light fixture above my head and there is no way I can reach. It darts back and forth into the light but mostly around making sounds to be sure I hear. I close what I am doing on the computer and surrender to the message. I realize that I have let my priorities get out of sink. I need to listen when Creator sends a message. After all I have been asking for messages and when I get one I’m too busy? So I sit, close my eyes and say out loud yes. And then buzzing suddenly stops, I look up from my chair with a bit of apprehension, I don’t want to find a bee on my shoulder but it’s nowhere to be found. Just as suddenly as it appeared it was gone. I started to search and get distracted by the physical once again but quickly remembered it was not about the bee it was about a message. The bees had brought good medicine and it was time I received it.

Bees are the messengers that share the secrets of life, service to community, and communication. All bees are productive. They remain focused in their activities and goals. They also carry the power of service. As they move from one flower to another they remind us that all living things are interconnected. Their role is vital to the environment.

Bee may have come regarding family, coworkers or humanity. Bee medicine is reminding us to work within our community and do our part. Hard worker bee is dependent on the next bee each doing their part to aid the community to support the entire hive family.

Bees have perfected communication in order for the community to effortlessly do the work. Bee’s messages are about developing clear communication.

If your energy is like mine has been a bit scattered, the bee shows us that its time to refocus on the goals, be clear in communication, and work together for the Greater Good. When bee buzzes around you it may be asking you to follow its lead and in doing so you can arrive at the destination most appropriate for a new life awakening. Bees also remind us to slow down, gather our self, smell the roses, and taste the sweet nectar of life.

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  1. Beautiful post - thanks so much for taking the time to write it. It is a message I need to be reminded of all too often.