Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fireside with Dr. Estés!

''If you have never been called a defiant, incorrigible, impossible woman… have faith… there is yet time." from Women Who Run with the Wolves

I just had to share the good news, more of my bday gifts and this one I can share with you! I am going to be sitting in the fire circle with Dr. Estés! Well its a virtual fire circle, but she will be live sharing with question and answer time and like all fireside ceremonies a prayer/poem to close our time together. Her work inspires my art, shapes my Spirit and feeds my soul. She is a great teacher to sit beside and soak in the energy! For more on her if you are not familiar, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarissa_Pinkola_Est%C3%A9s
Check out the details on the great event below from SoundsTrue.com:

Clarissa Pinkola Estés Releases Her Master Work as a Live Online Series from SoundsTrue.com – The Dangerous Old Woman is Dr. Estés’ masterwork, three decades in the writing and now released for the first time as an online event series. The series is scheduled to begin airing live! on Tuesday, April 6 at 9-11pm EST on SoundsTrue.com

Dr. Estés on this landmark event: “Though I myself find perils and challenges of age to be true, we have to disavow the old prejudices about women and age. The true vision of the wise woman is one of bounty, of love and age and wisdom. As she gathers years, like la arbol de la vida, the ancient tree, she grows even more arms, even more flowers and fruits. She is more rooted, more vast, more sheltering—developing her callings to be throughout life, maiden mother, medium, crone, elder, healer, teacher, artist, knowing woman.”

(This quote has art images all over it, words paint pictures especially for an Aspie like me)

What is it that makes this archetypal Old Woman dangerous? “The fact that she will not be stopped by cultural conventions; she does not fear criticism, ridicule, or being devalued,” says Dr. Estés. “The Old Woman goes where she wants, says what she wishes, and no one should try to stop her – or else. She will have a ready answer for them. She’s very clearly one who says, ‘Come with me, be with me, but if not… then stand out of my way — I have a destiny to meet.’ She is not willing to amputate parts of herself, or her gifts, in order to be accepted."

I love this statement and already I feel the art swirling inside and spilling over!
I had to bold this part since its exactly where I am in my life! Move with me or get out of my way! I have work to do and if you are not a part of contributing positive energy to the experience then I have no space for you in my journey.  I do have my Coyolxauhqui days where I feel I am in pieces but never willing to part with the myself or as Dr.  Estés says, "amputate parts of myself". Never again not for anyone!

This experience as a gift along with my magical mystical inspirational healing pilgrimage to the Mother Land and I am more pregnant with work each day! Gracias Dr. Estés for all your work, you are an hermana we can be proud of, another "Wise Latina"!

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