Friday, March 19, 2010

Vulture medicine: shedding the past & ready for the new!

  (c) Michael "Mike" L. Baird
Note: I have given credit to the photo I have used. When work is not your own just because it’s on the net or you don’t know who's art it belongs to doesn’t give you the right to post it on your blog! I know you just started your blog and you really need a picture and you dig this artist’s work and it would be so cool. NO, you are not hanging out at a friends house this is not a club it’s the net. That means its a worldwide conversation and there are some rules. Don’t think because its just a little blog no one will notice, they will and it’s still not ok. I researched copyright free images, asked permission and then followed the specifics about using someone's art. Yes it takes time but as an artist I don’t want someone lifting my work even if you think its a good idea and it will promote my work. It’s up to me to decide that not you so ASK! Copyright law is a challenge and there are changes that need to be made so do some research and "read more about it" Keep off the art unless we have a talk and agree, be respectful folks. Gracias.

Ok now so now that I have said that let me tell you why I needed the picture of a turkey vulture. My office nest is on the third floor of a building perched on a hill with a small but adequate window. I was preparing to do a new workshop on working with young children and anti bias integration into curriculum and I was in my flow. You know like when you are doing your art and its all coming together but you really cant take credit for it cause its just falling out of you.

Any way I was typing my handouts and suddenly I see a shadow. I stop and see nothing. Then again but this time I see these huge wings moving toward my 3rd floor little window like she's gonna crash through it. Well she doesn’t and then flies off. About this time I am a bit confused and startled because I see clearly its a vulture. It comes around the third time and this time I am ready, what ever that means since there is nothing I can do. The window is shut, tiny ledge and all I can do is watch and wonder what she is trying to say to me.

Here she comes and lands on the tiny ledge and balances for a moment, looks me in the eye and smiles and flies off. It all happened so quickly and I have to admit its not my first 3rd floor window encounter with nature, but that’s for another day. So I stand up lean over and look up and all around to see if I can catch a glimpse of her but she is gone. Now I say she because that's the vibe I got, a sister vibe. I lean back and tap into my Animal Medicine work to hear what she was saying to me. Like all animal helpers, they only appear when right and appropriate to share messages with you. You just have to be still and listen.

Vulture is known as a Peace Eagle, it is the only animal that does not kill. It only does what needs to be done. Vulture teaches us that nasty jobs of service need to get done and they are rewarded with great gifts. With honor she sails through the air riding the current, defying gravity with beauty and grace. The vulture has keen eyesight and sees all. She is powerful and because she flies high she can transcend this realm. She can bring us lessons from our past so we do not repeat them. And reminds us to take this knowledge forward.

Vultures are also a sign of new beginnings. They can teach us to take control of our lives and to stop giving up; death to the old ways and a clean start to the new way of being, transformation.

When I was 19 the bird visions, dreams, and messages became more clear and my visits stronger. I was visited by a large winged bird and was given this message: But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Messages come in the language you understand at the time so for me that is how I received it, something familiar to my upbringing.

I have since left the traditional definition of my childhood church for one that blends my worlds. What’s important to me is that I am connected and can hear Creator clearly. I still fall back on that foundation from my grandparents and parents from time to time it can be comforting. Some people dont understand my ways and thats ok, its a personal path. One way is not better than another, just different. But the message of renewal and faith are still singing in my corazon.

The renewal process is a powerful one. As I come to the new path in my Red Road I am celebrating, honoring, and acknowledging each step or lesson for what it brought me. No matter if the people are in my life currently, in the Spirit World, or if it was a positive lesson or not, (I've had my share of both) it all helped shape who I am becoming. I now file that as my past and see before me the new road. No more beating myself up over the things that didn’t work, missed opportunities, or loss, only moving forward. The vultures are gone its all cleaned up and I am ready. I am excited, anxious, and brave as I walk toward my destiny and all the experiences and lessons that are ahead. Not to mention the great art falling from my hands. More pics to follow. Gracias for another day closer to my transformation.

 Note: I took this picture (smile)

“Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives.”

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